Corporate Social Responsibility

Kalahari Resorts & Conventions foundation is grounded in giving back. From community initiatives to support our friends & neighbors, to ensuring we do our part to limit our carbon footprint to our team & guest focus, Kalahari Resorts & Conventions believe that these contributions are essential to a successful business model.  

Winner of the 2006 Partners for Clean Air Recognition Award, Kalahari Resorts and Convention Centers continues is reducing our carbon footprint and leads the hotel industry in energy conservation, cutting-edge initiatives and community outreach. Here are a few examples of our progress: 

Community Connection


Water Conservation

  • Each guest room features low-flow showerheads, reducing water consumption by 2.5 million gallons per year.
  • "Ozone laundry system allows for colder water wash."
  • High-efficiency water consumption pumps in the park for extended life cycle
  • Low-flow dishwasher spray heads for energy efficient cleaning
  • The Wisconsin Dells resort features more than 4,160 square feet of rooftop solar panels. The panels work in conjunction with four 500-gallon storage tanks to assist with hot water needs. These roof top solar panels contribute to more than 30% of the resort’s hot water. 


  • Kalahari has partnered with Clean The World organization, the largest global recycler of hotel amenities, to collect and recycle resort soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and gels. To date, Kalahari Resort’s at the Wisconsin Dells, has diverted 31,000 pounds of soap and bottled amenities from landfills. 
  • To date, the soap that Kalahari has donated to Clean The World has directly resulted in more than 86,000 re-manufactured sterile soap bars being distributed to people in need around the world. Additionally, more than 8,800 pounds of plastic has been recycled through participation in the program.
  • Resort-wide receptacles for refuse recycling
  • Use of high post consumer / recycled paper products throughout the resort
  • Cardboard boxes used to ship products and supplies are baled and recycled.  The WI Dells Kalahari has recycled over 1100 tons of cardboard to date.



  • Use of eco-friendly CFL & LED Lighting in interior and exterior fixtures
  • Motion sensor lights in public areas to maximize lighting efficiencies


Resort Climate

  • Digital thermostats installed in guest rooms for advanced temperature control
  • Fan installation in waterpark for reduced heating costs and a minimized Kalahari carbon footprint

Team & Guest Focus
  • Training for both professional and personal well-being - Associate Track classes that discuss culture, history, company growth potential, belonging to something special and beyond expectations moments. F&B Track class that focus on food safety, service techniques, standards and increasing the guest experience. Leadership Track classes to develop our supervisor and managers. Personal Track classes to help with everything from banking to self-defense.
  • Promoting from within - 61% of supervisor or managers have held a line-level position.
  • 90 day and Yearly Employee Reviews 
  • Associate & Manager of the Month / Year Programs - Our five "teams" in the resort each have an designated associate of the month. Those five, their managers, the manager of the month, and those celebrating their 5-year anniversaries get together once a month to recognize their achievements.
  • Golden Hand Award -The Golden Hand highlights those associates that have consistently created beyond expectations moments - or one extraordinary moment - for our guests. Beside the associate and manager of the year, it's the highest single award that can be bestowed on someone. At each resort, the Golden Hand Club operates a minimum of two charitable events yearly.